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Paintings of Land and Coast

Winter Coast, Marmalade Sea, John McClenaghen, Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100cm, 300dpi.jpg
The Heralds of Summer - John McClenaghen_edited.jpg
John McClenaghen, Lament, Durieshill 72dpi.jpg
John McClenaghen, Solitude 72dpi.jpg
Late September Afternoon, Skateraw  - Jo
Seafield Dusk, John McClenaghen 300dpi, 4000p.jpg
Maisie's Loan, John McClenaghen 300dpi, 4000p_edited.jpg
Traces of a lost Garden, John McClenaghen 300dpi, 4000p_edited.jpg
A February Morning, Muted by Mist - John McClenaghen_edited_edited.jpg
Dusk in an Ancient Meadow, John McClenaghen 300dpi, 4000p R_edited.jpg
Morning Haze, July 72dpi.jpg
Meadow in a Downpour, John McClenaghen 300dpi, 4000p R.jpg
John McClenaghen, Meadow, Late Afternoon in May, Cadger's Loan 72dpi.jpg
Scattery Burn
John McClenaghen, Coastal Storm, 70x70cm.jpg
Rain and Sea Spray, Aldeburgh
Spring Tide, Beachgrass
Morning Rain, John McClenaghen 60x60cm Framed.jpg
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