John McClenaghen

My work explores the phenomena of time and change within the landscape. It seeks to draw parallels between the action of weather upon the landscape and the action of colour and mark upon the "canvas". My interests lie not simply in the depiction of nature but rather in painting’s ability to relate experience. I seek to interpret the visual world, relating experience through, colour, gesture and mark. The locus of my practice is in painting, although this is greatly informed by collage, print and assemblage, something that began on my first degree at the Glasgow School of Art.


My ideas begin with work made directly from nature, literally sitting in a field. Back in the studio I make spontaneous gestural works in colour on paper trying to make sense of what I was experiencing on site. This stage is about a process of working through marks, a process of recollection in fragments. Collage and assemblage often come into play as I attempt to reconstruct the experience of space and place. My aim is to move from the representation of something seen to the reconstruction of something felt.


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